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Madison Scott-Clary is a programmer, writer, photographer, and composer living in Loveland, Colorado. This serves as a place to collect various works in something of a portfolio. For additional information, their résumé is available online here.

Madison Scott-Clary*
6216 Becker Ln.
Loveland, CO 80538




* Curious about the name change? See here.


Posted in projects on 11 Apr 2016

ARTEMIS PRODUCTIONS is a website for exploring and writing about beer brewing, wine making, mead making, and distilling.


Posted in projects on 11 Mar 2016

polycul.es is a project that allows one to visualize and map polyamorous relationships.


Posted in projects on 03 Nov 2015

Hybrid is aiming to be a print publication of non-fiction surrounding the furry subculture.

Writing 2015 Update

Posted in projects on 01 Nov 2015

Writing is my personal writing site for more long-form writings than my old WordPress blog. It is powered by Jekyll using Markdown and a git post-receive hook for publishing. It has been updated to include a clearer layout for multiple types of writing

[adjective][species] 2015 Redesign

Posted in projects on 15 Sep 2015

[adjective][species] was redesigned in 2015 to have a cleaner and more modern layout.

The Furry Poll

Posted in projects on 15 Mar 2015

The Furry Poll is the largest marketing survey within the furry subculture.

The Furry Survey Explorer

Posted in projects, visualization on 15 Jan 2015

The Furry Survey Explorer is an application for exploring the massive dataset spanning more than five years of data from the Furry Poll.


Posted in projects on 27 Feb 2014

300.01 is an exploration into what it means to have generalized anxiety disorder.

A Full Life

Posted in projects on 26 May 2013

A Full Life is “a small game exploring the ways in which we experience creating a life for ourselves that’s just full enough, but not too full.” The goal in the game is to attempt to fill up a life to 100% with activities and goals. You only have so much life, though and sometimes things just aren’t quite that easy. Just a quick, exploratory project written in JavaScript/D3. You can play the game here and check out the source here. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.


Posted in projects on 10 Aug 2012

Writing is my personal writing site for more long-form writings than my old WordPress blog. It is powered by Jekyll using Markdown and a git post-receive hook for publishing.

Characters @ OpenFurry

Posted in projects on 03 Aug 2012

Characters is a site intended to manage multiple role-playing characters, with potentially multiple morphs, each of which may potentially have multiple descriptions. Additionally, images may be uploaded and attached to any object in that hierarchy. It is a Django and Backbone.js powered site, with a little help from D3.


Posted in projects on 02 Nov 2011

[adjective][species] was created as a blog to explore the furry fandom from the inside. The website includes the blog itself, as well as forums, surveys, and visualizations of those surveys. The blog is run off WordPress, but includes a custom theme and a commissioned banner, but the survey and visualizations were both created on my own. The site has two regular authors - myself and JM - and a few occasional contributors. It also includes tie-ins with Twitter, Google+, and FurAffinity.net.

Visual Résumé

Posted in projects on 18 Apr 2011

For a long time, it has been my perception that all the information that could be portrayed to a potential employer or client could not be conveyed easily with a simple, one page résumé. My original way around this involved setting up a portfolio site which I could provide a link to from my résumé, but this was less than ideal: an update to one required an update to the other, there was no guarantee that the portfolio site would be viewed upon receiving a résumé, and the separation made it difficult for me to express my skills at first glance. Now, I have combined the two - a visual résumé that provides all the information of the former with all the expression of the latter incorporating aspects of design and data visualization. It’s available here.

The State of Furry

Posted in projects, visualization on 03 Dec 2010

Using nearly three years of data from the Furry Survey, you can explore trends and facts about the community of people interested in anthropomorphics. This data was collected from the Furry Survey at Klisoura.com, now run by [adjective][species] at FurryPoll.com.

Collected Visualizations

Posted in projects, visualization on 21 Nov 2010

While my focus in web design has been primarily on data storage and display, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with metadata. This has stemmed from a lot of my daily reading, involving several blogs that talk a lot about data visualization. In order to integrate infographics and visualization into my other projects, I’ve been working on simple and complex visualizations of ready-to-use datasets, learning a visualization library or two in the process. This site collects the visualizations that I have so far, which are also listed on this website in the visualization tag. I aim for a simple, monochromatic page for each visualization in order to make them all the clearer, and the design carried through to this simple index. Collected Visualizations is available here