Madison Jesse Scott-Clary Résumé

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Madison Scott-Clary is a software engineer and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She works heavily with web development, both on the front- and back-end, as well as with DevOps and cloud-based solutions. She strives to further her knowledge within both areas, as well as to expand into other fields both within and outside of software engineering and computers. As a supporter and proponent of Free and Open-Source Software, she is committed to providing the best tools and products that she can using FOSS and under OSI-approved licenses where appropriate.

Madison Scott-Clary is an author, technical writer, and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. She works heavily with both fiction and non-fiction in an authorial and editorial role. She strives to further her knowledge within both areas, as well as to expand into other fields both within and outside of writing and editing. As a supporter and proponent of minority gender identities and sexual orientations, she pushes for positive representation and healthy role models in written works.


Web development
Back-end technologies: Python (using Flask and Django), Go (using Martini and Gorilla); front-end technologies: standards compliant HTML5, CSS (standard, Sass, and Less), and JavaScript (vanilla, CoffeeScript, and Elm); focus on data visualization with D3, nvd3, React, and Crossfilter; responsive application design through frameworks (Vanilla, Bootstrap, etc) or bespoke styling.
Cloud and DevOps
Experince with programatic deployment using Ansible and Juju with cloud providers: Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure; local providers: LXD, MaaS, and manual providers based on discrete servers; and ancillary services: Digital Ocean, Linode and Rackspace; providing highly available, load balanced, and monitored applications and application stacks
Systems and languages
Fluent in: Python, Go, Javascript, Make, Django, Flask, D3
Comfortable in: Groovy, Java, Ruby, Coffeescript, Bash, Martini, Grails, nvd3, YUI, React
New to: Elm, Rails
Fluent in Linux operation on both desktop and server, as well as macOS and Windows
Ancillary skills
As a process maven, Madison is experienced and adamant about CI, test coverage and reporting, and code commenting and documentation. She has also worked with technical writing, blogging, and promotional writing for software products She has experience working in a management, mediator, and technical lead capacity, and is keenly interested in a diverse workforce, healthy work-life balance, and constructive social interactions within the workplace. As a trans woman, she is very focused on gender representation in tech.
Line editing
Firm grasp on English as a written language, and American and British English as dialects; experience with style manuals (Chicago and AP); understanding of stylistic concerns and genre within fiction; experience with anthologies and collections of both fiction and non-fiction; experience sharing edits and managing changes in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, LATEX, plain text, and PDF annotation
Content editing
Experienced in writing and promoting calls for submissions in a clear format that invite authors to submit; comfortable evaluating submitted work on its evocativeness, marketability, fixability, and fit; insistent on clear communication with authors as an editor, expressing needs and suggestions to work towards a finished product
Well-versed in LATEX and some experience with Adobe InDesign for layout; experienced with publishing online for both rich-media and static presentation in WordPress, Ghost, and Jekyll, for both fiction and non-fiction; firm grasp on publishing for print and e-reader formats as well as the web
Education and engagement
  • Produced educational content in the form of visualizations, presentations, and panels on topics such as book layout and design, writing and mental health, writing and Patreon, plot structure, community demographics visualization and survey construction, and gender within community spaces
  • Produced blog posts, articles, and essays on a regular schedule on topics such managing publication genre, managing anthology creation, and book layout and design

Work experience


Senior software engineer — 2020–present — remote

  • Worked with data at scale to provide GFN content publishers access to gameplay statistics for their games on the GeForce NOW platform
  • Ensured continuity of service through DevOps position, working in on-call roles and improving visibility through sythetic tests in Datadog and Sentry
New Vector, Ltd.

Senior software contractor — 2019–2020 — remote

  • Worked with the team to combine integrations for the SaaS offering of the Matrix server and client pair Synapse (Python and Twisted) and Riot (React)
  • Helped to bring the deployment of the integration manager into the current Ansible/Kubernetes stack
Internet Archive

Senior software engineer — 2018–2019 — remote

  • Worked to moving Archive-It from the older Java-based Wayback Machine to the new Python-based Wayback Machine
  • Built, tested, and fuzzed Django-based rules engine for determining web capture playback behavior
  • Moved capture index from two-layer flat-file storage system to RocksDB-backed OutbackCDX
Canonical, Ltd.

Software engineer — 2012–2018 — remote

  • Shepherded the Juju GUI from inception to production, working to implement changes from the core API as it moved from Python to Go
  • Worked to implement annotation information within Juju core to allow persistent GUI state to be stored within Juju models
  • Worked to implement tooling around bundles of charms on various levels:
    • Python-based Juju Quickstart, which created a model and deployed charms to it in Juju 1
    • Python-based juju-bundlelib library, which broke a bundle down into the composite steps needed to deploy it (bundle changes), information that can be consumed by the Juju GUI
    • Go-based jujusvg library, which generated an SVG image of a bundle as it would appear on the Juju GUI's canvas
    • Go-based bundleservice and corresponding charm, which provided an API endpoint for generating both the bundle changes and bundle SVG
  • Implemented client libraries in both JavaScript and Python for interacting with varied microservices.
  • Helped with continued support of projects and their corresponding charms, such as the Extended Support Mechanism allowing for support for older versions of Ubuntu, and the Livepatch service allowing for serving kernel patches to be applied without reboot.
bConnected Software/Optum Health/United Health Group

Software engineer — 2011–2012 — Louisville, CO

  • Worked to implement a supplemental insurance sales portal from initial meetings to release
  • Developed web applications in Grails and JavaScript, backed by an API provided by an in-house tool
  • Designed and implemented an XML-based rules engine for calculating both plan rates and eligibility within the web applications
  • Extended the Java-based in-house tool to work with the rules engine
  • Built a basic editor for the rules engine and a related forms engine
Colorado State University Libraries

Library Technical Services and Research & Development — 2007–2011 — Fort Collins, CO

  • Provided hardware and software technical support to library staff, comprising 400-500 desktop machines
  • Worked with specialized equipment such as flat book scanners, archival scanners, and plate-glass negative scanners
  • Managed the fleet of ~300 desktops and ~200 laptops available for public use
  • Developed in-house software for managing the Atmospheric Sciences Reading Room, a branch library, allowing basic lending of materials
  • Investigated custom software for mapping resources in the library as well as locations around the campus, providing shortest-path routing from current location
Hybrid Ink, LLC

Editor-in-chief — 2018-2020

  • Shepherded publications — both prose and poetry — from the query process through final publication and sales.
  • Worked with authors through the editorial and promotion process.
  • Created and maintained several advertising and sales channels.
Thurston Howl Publications

Editor — 2017-2018

  • Worked on fiction and non-fiction anthologies of shorter works
  • Fielded queries for longer works, including judging the query and providing an initial read-through of the manuscript
  • Contributed both fiction and non-fiction writing to anthologies
  • Copyedited and formatted books, including overall layout in (Xe)LaTeX, LibreOffice, and Word
Furry Writers' Guild


  • President for the 2017 cycle
  • Associate member for editorial and non-fiction work within the furry subculture
  • Helped promote the guild and its activities to a wider audience, including as Guest-of-Honor at Furry Migration 2017
  • Worked with guild members in an editorial, publishing, beta-read, and fellow writer capacity
Canonical, Ltd.

Software Developer — 2012-present

  • In addition to software development, provided tech-writing expertise for the Juju GUI
  • Wrote blog posts focusing on Juju as a product, the GUI itself, and writing Juju charms.
[adjective][species], Ltd.

Editor-in-chief — 2011-present

  • Created, designed, and ran the websites,, and
  • Fielded queries and submissions of primarily short non-fiction works to be published on the sites
  • Contributed non-fiction writing to the sites
  • Produced a set of informational guides to be handed out and used as the basis of presentations
  • Spoke as a panelist at several conventions on the topic of data, safer sex, relationships, and gender
  • Created and helped others create small surveys to collect data to be used as the basis for articles and presentations
  • Took over administration of The Furry Poll (previously The Furry Survey) and ran a longitudinal survey of the furry subculture over several years

Additional employment experience, publications, and volunteer projects Madison has worked with are available on her C.V.


  • Colorado State University (2004-2011) Bachelor of Music (music composition) studying music composition and computer science.
  • Cornell College (2021-present) Master of Fine Arts (creative writing) studying fiction and creative non-fiction with an emphasis on writing education

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