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I work on a lot of little projects here and there. I work with code: from websites to databases to command line apps. And I work with writing: from technical writing to nonfiction to stories to novels. Several of these belong to other organizations, but here I’m including only those that I directly manage. Tips are appreciated for those who liked or found useful any of these!

To that end, I’ve set up a Gratipay project in case you would like to donate and help support my work! If you’re looking for other ways to support my projects, writing as well as code, you can also check out my Patreon, which offers incentives (oooh, incentives!) as well.

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Active development

Here are the apps and projects I’m currently working on or maintaining:

Flat-file-with-metadata database
Snarky/joke bingo card generator
Tools for working with Twine 2 files
Discoverable tip, hint, and answer engine
A Juju charm for deploying WSGI applications
D3-based railroad diagram generator


These are projects that are out of active development but which are still being maintained.

Force-directed polycule visualization webapp
Jekyll- and prose-aware wordcount


Here are some projects that have lapsed, but that I’m willing to work on again:

Simple webapp which attempts to convert a document to standard manuscript formats
Single page app for timing tea steeps
Tool for deleting tweets older than a certain date
Qt- and GPhoto-based timelapse software
Experiential browser game exploring the sensation of anxiety
Experiential browser game exploring what it means to live a full life and how it feels when you can’t

For those projects that I work on through other organizations, there may be additional Gratipay projects, each of which will have their own site:



Here are the writing projects I’m current working on or maintaining:

My writing site
I am an author of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry living in Loveland, Colorado. My interests lie in the realms of furry fiction and non-fiction, collaborative fiction, and hypertextual writing. I am a member of the Furry Writers’ Guild, and editor for several projects, fiction and non-fiction.

This site collects several of my written works, as well as blog entries that touch on several topics. When a new standalone work is posted outside of the blog, a blog entry often accompanies it, so feel free to follow the blog feed for pointers to new stories, non-fiction pieces, and poems, as well as works in progress!

Post-Self and Exocortices
Post-Self and Exocortices are twinned sites hosting a collaborative fiction effort. The topics surround a reasonably distant future: Exocortices occurs first and explores what it’s like to live in a world where a virtual life is increasingly common, as is the concept of offloading mental work onto one’s exocortex, whereas Post-Self occurs later, when the idea of a virtual life extends to the concept of uploading to actually live in such a reality.

I edit and manage these sites, as well as contribute to them.

[adjective][species] and Hybrid
These twinned sites focus on exploring the furry subculture from within. [a][s] takes the format of a blog, while Hybrid takes the format of a literary or academic journal.

I edit and manage these sites, as well as contribute to them.


Getting Lost
A NaNoWriMo project that turned into just a regular project when I realized I wasn’t a writing masochist, Getting Lost is a serialized novel about a world with fully-immersive computer systems and what happens when one gets lost in them.
Party (no link yet)
A novel (actually a collection of fifteen short stories) about five folks exploring boundaries and relationships through the BDSM party circuit. Each story asks a question about the relation between emotion and sex.


Primarily for my own reference:

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