Madison Jesse Scott-Clary Curriculum Vitæ

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Work experience

Canonical, Ltd.
Software engineer — 2012-present
  • Shepherded the Juju GUI from inception to production, working to implement changes from the core API as it moved from Python to Go
  • Worked to implement annotation information within Juju core to allow persistent GUI state to be stored within Juju models
  • Worked to implement tooling around bundles of charms on various levels:
    • Python-based Juju Quickstart, which created a model and deployed charms to it in Juju 1
    • Python-based juju-bundlelib library, which broke a bundle down into the composite steps needed to deploy it (bundle changes), information that can be consumed by the Juju GUI
    • Go-based jujusvg library, which generated an SVG image of a bundle as it would appear on the Juju GUI’s canvas
    • Go-based bundleservice and corresponding charm, which provided an API endpoint for generating both the bundle changes and bundle SVG
bConnected Software/Optum Health/United Health Group
Software engineer — 2011-2012
  • Worked to implement a supplemental insurance sales portal from initial meetings to release
  • Developed web applications in Grails and JavaScript, backed by an API provided by an in-house tool
  • Designed and implemented an XML-based rules engine for calculating both plan rates and eligibility within the web applications
  • Extended the Java-based in-house tool to work with the rules engine
  • Built a basic editor for the rules engine and a related forms engine
Colorado State University Libraries
Library Technical Services and Research & Development — 2007-2011
  • Provided hardware and software technical support to library staff, comprising 400-500 desktop machines
  • Worked with specialized equipment such as flat book scanners, archival scanners, and plate-glass negative scanners
  • Managed the fleet of ~300 desktops and ~200 laptops available for public use
  • Developed in-house software for managing the Atmospheric Sciences Reading Room, a branch library, allowing basic lending of materials
  • Investigated custom software for mapping resources in the library as well as locations around the campus, providing shortest-path routing from current location
Colorado State University Choral Department
Choir librarian 2006-2007
  • Implemented and managed construction a database of choral scores available from the choir library, using help from volunteers and other students
  • Cleaned and organized the choral library
Colorado State University Dining
Head line cook and prep — 2005-2006
  • Prepared and served meals for a cafeteria serving 500+ students per meal alongside a team of several employees
  • Managed line cooks and prep-workers throughout their shift
  • Ensured food safety procedures were followed
Colorado State University Choral Department
Summer course assistant — 2005
  • Helped the Summer Choral Institute by acting as a runner for the director, Dr. James Kim
  • Copied and organized music for the students of the institute
  • Sang alongside volunteers in a test-choir directed by the students
Rational Software, Inc.
QA engineer — 2001
  • Tested the software Requisite Pro and reported test findings to superiors

Volunteer work experience:

Flipside Barcade
Consultant — 2017 — ongoing
  • Provided suggestions on mixed drinks
  • Helped with choosing of bar ingredients
Thurston Howl Publishing
Editor — 2017 — ongoing
  • Responded to queries and reviewed manuscripts
  • Edited anthologies of shorter works
Further Confusion 2017
Art track lead — 2016-2017
  • Helped manage panel submissions and communications between the programming department and panelists for presentations within the art track
  • Helped with PTK, the web application used to manage panels and panelists for the convention
  • Helped organize panels and panelists at the convention itself
Web developer — 2012
  • Helped implement a website for a local design shop.
Colorado Bach Ensemble
Web developer — 2011-2012
  • Hosted and implemented a website based on designs provided by a volunteer designer
Web developer and designer — 2010-2012
  • Hosted and implemented a website for a local print shop, including the ability to send files to be printed on demand and ready for pick-up
Elliot’s Martini Bar
Web developer and designer — 2010-2012
  • Helped design the bar menu to the lead bartender’s specifications and managed print runs
  • Designed and implemented a website for Elliot’s Martini Bar
Teen Activity Providers’ Network (TAPN)
Web developer — 2002-2003
  • Designed and implemented a website for a local organization aiming to promote and organize events for Boulder Valley teenagers

Software development

a community resource for open-source furry and furry-adjacent software and devs.

Projects led:

  • Addle — “A pluggable advertising framework which allows sites to manage and sell their own ad spaces. Also functions as a standalone app via an API.”
  • Charref — “A place to quickly store visual and textual references of fictional (or even real-life) characters, aiming to be the link you give an artist when commissioning them.”
  • Honeycomb — “Furry, and even other creative groups, lack sites focused solely on writing. There are galleries, to be sure, which allow written works, but nothing intended solely for that purpose. To that end, and with input from the Furry Writers’ Guild, Honeycomb was born.”
  • Ideawheel — “Need an idea? Ideawheel lets one collect disparate fragments of ideas into something worth pursuing as the core to a project, written or otherwise.”
  • OFAuth — “With so many projects floating around within OpenFurry, a centralized single sign-on service was called for, so that users could log in to OF projects from one place.”
  • Submitify — “A centralized, social, multi-format, all-in-one site for managing calls for submissions, submitting to the same, and organizing submission reviews and notifications.”
  • Yipsum — “Filler text for the modern furry.” Available here
The programming side of the metafurry resource
Personal projects
additional projects not falling under a larger heading (reverse chronological order)
  • bbbingo — A website for generating and playing custom bingo cards.
  • Qoheleth — An alternate reality game
    • cards — an implementation of the Solitaire stream cipher, intended to be ugly and unreadable (with a separate commented branch)
    • qoheleth
  • twinedown — tools for working with Twine2 files, and an attempt to learn Ruby at the same time
    • twine2svg: takes in a twine file and outputs an SVG map of passages
    • twine2markdown: will take in a twine file and output a markdown file of passages (for editing)
    • markdown2twine: will take in a markdown file and output a twine file (for distraction free writing in comfortable editor)
  • adiaux — delete old tweets prior to a certain date, including those beyond the viewing limit
  • prose-wc — Jekyll-aware wordcount utility, written to learn python packaging
  • — graphing polyamorous relationships with force directed layouts, available here
  • QTimeLapse — Qt-based time lapse software for external cameras controlled through GPhoto, written to learn desktop application development with QT
  • 300.01 — another experiential “game” about living with anxiety, available here
  • A Full Life — a small experiential “game” about living a full life, available here

Project/application deployment and hosting

Creativity related projects
  • STRANGE ANIMALS LIKING STRANGE AUDIOS.A.L.S.A. is a site hosting blog posts tht come out of the chat by the same name — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub
  • Exocortices — a sister-site to Post-Self focused on events before those in PS — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • Post-Self — a collaborative fiction site focusing on a far-future universe — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub
  • Honeycomb Cafe — an alpha/CD implementation of a site for writers, readers, and publishers — Django application designed and self-hosted
  • — an instance of Submitify, a writing submission and reviewing tool — Django application designed and self-hosted
  • Hybrid — a metafurry journal appearing both in print and digital formats — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • Bookmarfs (defunct) — a furry book club — Wordpress site designed and self-hosted


  • [adjective][species] and Love Sex Fur — a metafurry resource comprising blog posts, guides, and data visualization — Jekyll and Wordpress sites designed, Wordpress self-hosted, Jekyll hosted on GitHub


  • Characters @ OpenFurry — an artistic reference and description resource for members of the furry subculture and their characters — Django application designed and self-hosted

In limbo:

  • Trans Stock Photography — a not-yet-live project for hosting and selling stock photography by, for, and of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals — static site designed and self-hosted
Data, development, and design related projects
  • OpenFurry — a site organizing all of the projects and members of OpenFurry — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • The Furry Poll — the yearly Furry Poll designed to collect demographic and market data of the furry subculture — Flask application designed and self-hosted


  • [a][s] Surveys — stand-alone microsurveys for topics [a][s] is interested in — Django application designed and self-hosted
  • Yipsum — a filler-text generator for members of the furry subculture — static site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • [a][s] Visualizations — browser-based visualizations of data from the Furry Poll and elsewhere — Jekyll- and D3-based site designed and hosted on GitHub
Stand-alone, personal, and unrelated projects
  • bbbingo — a website for generating and playing custom bingo cards — Flask application designed and self-hosted
  • Patrons — a site for use in conjunction with Patreon, allowing encrypted posts to be viewed by certain levels of patrons — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • — a site for visualizing polyamorous relationships through force directed graphs — Flask application designed and self-hosted
  • — a site listing intellectual property holdings — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


  • Photography — 500px-powered personal photography site


  • 300.01 — a site for an experiential “game” — static site designed and self-hosted


  • Drab Makyo — personal site containing portfolio, C.V., and résumé — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub
  • A Full Life — a site for an experiential “game” — static site designed and self-hosted


  • Writing — a personal writing site containing blogs, non-fiction articles, fiction, poetry, and work in progress — Jekyll site designed and hosted on GitHub


Published work

Works published in resources not edited by Madison
Works published in resources edited by Madison

Editorial work

Discrete editorial work
  • Arcana — an anthology of short furry fiction focused on the archetypes represented by the major arcana of the Tarot deck
Ongoing editorial work
  • Thurston Howl Publications — a small publishing house focusing on novels and anthologies
  • [adjective][species]
    • [adjective][species] — a metafurry resource exploring the furry subculture, both from a furry and a nonfurry perspective
    • Love Sex Fur — a spinoff of [a][s] focused on relationships and sexuality
    • Hybrid — an award recognizing excellence in furry nonfiction across all media
  • Post-Self and Exocortices — a collaborative fiction site focusing on a far-future universe

Ancillary work


2010 — Senior composition recital in 2011, premiering
  • Daglarim — a modern classical style piece for string quartet based on a folk theme from Tuva
  • I Often Wondered — a choral adaptation of a square poem, whose words are the same read down as they are across, with the music working the same way
  • Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Mvt 1 — Dance — the first movement in a series of three exploring romantic composition structures in a contemporary style
  • Duet for Horn and Bass — a piece for two unlikely instruments and percussion, commissioned by two instrumentalist friends
  • Mirrors — a piece for Pierrot ensemble that’s mirrored from back to front and, often, from top to bottom
2009 — Junior composition recital during a departmental performance, premiering
  • I live my life in widening circles — a choral piece setting the words of Rainer Maria Rilke to music
  • Character Dances — a suite of piano pieces exploring a programatic theme


Colorado State University — 2004-2011
  • Studied music composition under Dr. David Wohl, Dr. Forrest Greenough, and Dr. James David.
  • Additional studies included further computer science education, focusing on Java and C, including tutoring other students.
High school
Fairview High School — 2000-2004
  • Focused on choral music through five different choirs
  • Helped lead sound production during choral and pops concerts
  • Managed the student-run web server and school website as part of a team of other students under the direction of a staff coordinator
  • Co-facilitated a student group exploring world philosophies and religions